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Our Story

Andrew Jenner
John You

Andrew Jenner

  • 3rd Generation Clare Valley Family , 2nd  Generation Grower / Producer
  • Botique vineyard Owner; Located in Historic Mintaro , Clare valley , South Australia … A very picturesque valley situated some 140 km north of Adelaide ….
  • Co-founder AJ’s Wine Australia established 2005
  • experienced all facets of wine growing firsthand with my first part time job as 13 year old summer pruning
  • My family also has a wealth of history in the Australian Wine industry …Mum & Dad planting one of the first vineyards in Mintaro , Clare Valley 1969
  • My parents for many years part of the iconic Sevenhill Cellars and Taylors wine families
  • my brother establishing his vineyard in Sevenhill 1999
  • my brother a welding engineer and manufacture for many wineries requirements through out  South Australia

John You

  • 1st Generation Grower / Producer
  • Co-founder AJ’s Wine Australia established 2005
  • International Marketing  … 15 year industry experience
  • 10 years experience /  wine sales & marketing in the wine industry (Japan & Korea)
  • Korean national , resident in Japan , 10 years & now an Australian resident (10) years


The Journey

I was born and grew up in Mintaro in the heart of the beautiful Clare Valley of South Australia, a small country town which is situated some 140 km north of Adelaide.My name is Andrew Jenner and I’m 3rd generation to grow up in the beautiful Clare Valley and a 2nd generation grower with various vineyard industry experiences since a young teenager.

Clare region enjoys a proud reputation on the world stage of being one of Australia’s most prestigious & premier producers of superb quality and value for money wines. Clare valley is also known for excellent farming and pastoral production, including sheep, wheat, pigs, beef & dairy cattle poultry, olives …..

Throughout the years I have experienced all facets of wine growing firsthand … from actually pegging out a block of land , driving posts , trellising , planting and irrigating. Then comes the training and pruning (summer & Winter) with careful management for approximately 3 years before the vineyard will produce its first crop.  Although technology has largely given way to mechanical harvesting and pruning vineyards still require hands on management.

My first job was hoeing weeds and summer pruning as a 13 or 14 year old for $5 an hour as a teenager and then as a man in my young 20’s, I experienced the back breaking picking during vintage. Thank God for humour!

Once the grapes are harvested and trucked to the winery for crushing, this is where I bow out and leave it to the experts at least until its time to savour the wine iteself. After harvest and the beautiful Autumn colours of vines give way to the bitter cold of winter when it’s time for pruning. Again it’s the humour and stories that help get you through the days of rain, hail or shine. There is an art to be learned in pruning and every vineyard or variety will vary depending on the vignerons plans for the following years vintage….and every grower / winemakers have their own ideas and tweaks  on how to get the best results for their project.

 … maybe it’s a ‘hard’ prune to restrict the yield and intensify the flavour !

In Aussie lingo…’ it’s a helluva lot of hard yacka’  but made all worth while when one can sit back and enjoy a fresh, crisp riesling or full flavour-some red.

Here's a tip! A good tawny port makes for a wonderful night cap in the heart of Australia’s winter .

My family also has a wealth of history in the Australian Wine industry. Mum & Dad planting one of the first vineyards in Clare Valleys Mintaro. My father Vin, also with 16 odd years at iconic 3rd generation Taylors Estate and my mother Rosemary, with 15 years or so at the historical Sevenhill Cellars. My brother Paul, a welding engineer, manufactures and supplies to many wineries, massive stainless steel wine tanks and fermenters as well as other steelwork construction and maintenance.  Paul also established his own 20 acre vineyard at Cherax Hill in Sevenhill in 1999 which finds its way into another iconic Clare Valley wine.

In late 2004, I  moved to Tokyo, Japan late with my young family with another company to grow their wine business representing Australian wine in Japan. Long story short, pretty much left high and dry & very much out of pocket (great ideas without financial backing pretty hard to grow success!) so sold home in Cairns, Australia and AJ’s Wines Australia was born(Sep 2005).

Our co-founder, John You was born in Korea, moved to Tokyo for 10 years or so from his late teens where he attended university. After meeting his wife in Japan, they relocated to Gold Coast Australia to bring up their family. John brings valuable insight with 15 year industry experience including 10 years experience sales & marketing in the wine industry (Japan & Korea)

In 2009, we purchased our very own 12 acre vineyard in on the outskirts of Clare Valleys Historical Mintaro with Riesling , Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. Along with Dad whose technically retired and will turn 80 years young in 2013 , we work our garden and Dads in-put is absolutely fantastic.


Growing up in Clare Valley Wine region has certainly privileged me with the opportunity of enjoying many fantastic wines over the years and it is with pride and passion that I wish to share Australian Wine with you. If I can teach just a little about Australian wine and you can find enjoyment in a nice bottle of Australia wine, then I will be very happy … with hundreds of wineries throughout Australia , you can be assured of one thing ,we will only do our very best to nurture our vineyard and produce the best possible drop.

So...What’s a good wine? If you enjoy the wine, its GOOD!
How much should I pay?  If you enjoy the wine, its GOOD!

One thing for sure , wine can be priced for everyday enjoyment …
A glass a day is said to have health benefits as well  …

(yet to find a report which defines the size of ones glass though?)

So there is only one thing left for you  to do...Buy a case or 2 and find your favorite Australian wine to share with family and friends. Remember, a glass of red a day has health benefits too! It is with a passion that I also comply to this philosophy!

What's Our Mission?

To share Australia’s best kept secret with you -- Aussie wine is great mate, cheers !!